The talks between Colin Kaepernick and Denver have seemed to temporarily stall. This is good, because maybe they’ll keep talking for a longer period of time and give me more material than DRAFT STUFF. Draft draft draft draft draft draft I hate this time of year. The draft is a gong show at this point.

Anyway longtime readers might remember the first appearance of Sammy┬áhere. I forgot about that comic and I was happy to remember it yesterday because I think the idea of his tortoise being hell spawn is still funny. So consider this an update to that joke, now with significantly better art (Sometimes I feel like I’ve made no progress then I go look back on an old comic and I go damn I sucked even harder back then). Also, first comic with the new tablet! Hooray!

I don’t know if Kaep should go to Denver or not. I certainly don’t think he should give up such a pay cut. If Kaep is truly broken at this point, he should keep as much money as he can. Kaep already signed a stupid contract, I have no issue with him demanding he get what he can out of it after witnessing one team screw him over and seeing another team possibly want to do the same. I can bet he contacted Osweiler and asked about that whole benching scenario. As for Kaep the player, I’m still torn on if I think he’s toast or he’s still bread. A good comparison is RG3: A athletic freak who got by largely on fearlessness and running around in simple offenses until teams figured him out. The difference is Kaep was never physically broken, he just appeared to be mentally broken. RG3 I feel is toast because of his physical injuries, not his brain. But he could realistically survive with Hue as his coach. Kaep? Kaep feels salvageable to me. I think if he gets the right coach, Kaep could get his confidence back. He was terrible these past two seasons, but 2014 was marred by a cat fight behind the scenes between York and Harbaugh, and we don’t know what sort of full impact that truly had on the team. Last year was the Jim Tomsula wet fart show, and I refuse to blame pretty much any 49er player fully for their performance last season. Kaep played badly, but there are always so many factors we as fans do not consider, so I’m unwilling to write Kaep off.

That said I don’t think Denver is where he’ll be fixed. Chip Kelly’s simple system seems like a good fit for Kaep, ease him back into simple concepts that don’t mentally demand too much. Some running, too. Kaep needs to run again. Denver? Denver is a better team and he’d be under less pressure (Maybe, they did just win a SB) but I don’t know if Gary Kubiak and Co. are a fit for him as a player. If he goes to Denver he’ll probably just hand the ball off and screw up a bit, then get benched for the Buttfumble. If he stays with Chip, I think he might have a higher chance of success. Of course that means he’s still on the 49ers, and I don’t blame him one bit for wanting out of that place right now.