At least in terms of how good your team is. Preseason is like whose line is it anyway. The points don’t matter.

That’s why it’s really funny when people unironically brag about preseason wins. Preseason is really only worth watching to see the players on the bubble. Starters aren’t playing half the time. Coaches are using stripped-down versions of the playbook so they don’t tip their hands too much and give film for the season. These games are not being operated the way a normal week in the NFL will operate. A late-game comeback in preseason doesn’t even mean that the 4th stringers are better than the other 4th stringers, because everything is mixing and matching and just giving dudes a chance to prove themselves.

There is simply no better way to illustrate the point than the 2008 Detroit Lions. They went 4-0 in the preseason. They became the first team to go winless. That record meant nothing. Those 4th stringers having success meant nothing. It meant nothing for the trajectory of the team. It meant nothing. The Lions operate as a sort of “don’t make me tap the sign” meme for anyone who brags or thinks the final score of a preseason game matters.

Be sure to show this comic to any Ravens fan who brings up the 24-game preseason win streak since 2015. Win the games that mean something, Baltimore.

Also, this is about unironic bragging. If your team beats a friend’s team, you rub that shit in because hell yeah