I never bothered to actually watch The Blind Side. If you’ve seen one tearjerker Hollywood biopic you’ve seen them all and one viewing of the trailer pretty much gave everything away that you needed you know. I knew most of the stuff in the movie would be false in presentation and detail because real life is rarely so well structured for a screenplay. I just never felt like I had to watch it. I did pay attention to Oher’s comments on the situation though, and he said more or less what I expected. The movie wasn’t very true to his story, he didn’t like how it portrayed him as basically a poor simpleton who didn’t even know what football was, etc.

Well, apparently it was even worse. I will do my due diligence here and make it clear that this is all ALLEGED, so keep that in mind. This is a he said/she said situation at the moment.

A report by ESPN came out on Monday about Oher apparently taking the Tuohy’s to court. Oher claims that, unbeknownst to him, the Tuohy’s never actually adopted him as everyone (including himself) thought, but actually tricked him into signing away rights in a conservatorship. If you are unfamiliar with what that is, google the last 10 years of Brittany Spears. Basically the Tuohy’s gained the legal right to make business decisions in his name. They would then go on to market the whole Oher story into The Blind Side, with the book and the movie and all that jazz, and Oher never saw a cent of it. Not gonna lie, if this is true, this is deeply fucked up. A guy got taken in by people he thought were being kind to him, and they basically exploited him. He thought he was part of the family when he signed the paper, and he just recently learned that apparently, he is not.

Since he’s not legally adopted, he has no power over his financial affairs. Pretty bullshit. His life became an award-winning movie and he got no residuals or anything from that, outside the notoriety, notoriety he wasn’t fond of because the image the movie portrays of him he felt was unfair. One of my first questions when this story dropped was how he never figured any of this out until recently, but apparently, his agent is a close family friend of the Tuohy’s, so she might just be part of the scam. The story noticed that he hired a lawyer after retirement who helped him uncover all of this.

For the other side, the Tuohy’s obviously dispute the claims. They claim he’s tried to bring this issue to court multiple times already. Time will have to play this new one out. Frankly I’m dubious about any conservatorship on principle and if Oher really was never adopted by the family when the adoption is such a big part of the story, that’s messed up.

For whatever it’s worth, looking up the Tuohy’s on social media or in comments sections will offer a slew of stories about how they are obnoxious people. That I buy. Leigh Anne Tuohy exudes Karen energy.