I think this is Zach Wilson’s “welcome to the NY Media” moment.

The Patriots game was a veritable disaster for the New York Jets. It was also a fairly predictable result. Both defenses are good. Both offenses are bad and are operated by a regressed 2nd year QB who is horrible under pressure. I picked the Patriots in that game because a Belichick team is normally better at planning for those problems, but the Patriots really didn’t accomplish much either. Despite performing marginally better than the Jets, the Patriots also couldn’t move the ball and won off a hilarious special teams moment. The weather played a role in the struggle, but it cannot be said just how bad the Jets, and Zach Wilson specifically, were in that game. It was awful.

The Jets had -21 pass yards in the second half. Zach Wilson, despite starting 7 games, has yet to throw as many touchdowns as Joe Flacco did in 3. In fact, Joe Flacco threw 4 of his 5 total TDs in one game. Zach has 4 total on the year. The Jets have been winning games but it has not been thanks to Wilson. Wilson looks supremely like a bust. I had a quick exchange with a friend where he said that Wilson reminded him of another spoiled rich kid QB who was drafted too high and was absolute ass and a douche. No, I’m not talking about Johnny Manziel, though the comparison works. I’m reminded heavily of Pickles himself, Jimmy Clausen. Wilson even looks like Clausen.

Anyway, a reporter gifted Wilson an easy layup in the post-game interview and Wilson sent it over the backboard. Any one of us has probably watched enough football to know how to properly answer those postgame questions. Guys did a hell of a job, but they made some plays we weren’t ready for, I’ve got to play better. The reporter asked him if he hurt the defense with his play. The obvious, tried and true answer to this, was “yes”. Take responsibility with a quick yes, spout a cliche about needing to be better, and move on. Wilson said no. After a performance like that, it was a delusional slap in the face to the defense.

Pretty much every Jets fan I saw stopped defending him after that. His play was leaving a lot of fans unhappy, but to mess up and say something like that when pretty much the reason the game was lost was your poor play is just…woof. Not just a couple weeks earlier, after losing to these exact same Jets while playing like shit, Josh Allen took responsibility like a man and said that he played like shit. He took such responsibility for it that it became a very minor news story. Zach Wilson played even worse than Allen did and basically brushed it off as not his fault. Maybe his answer wasn’t intended that way, but he didn’t elaborate and this is New York, you can’t be coy or unclear or you will get torn to shreds. Wilson has been torn to shreds. The Jets won’t even commit to him to start next week as of this writing.

Good news for Wilson and co, the Jets remaining games are against weak pass defenses. He should, theoretically, play better soon. This should be his worst performance of the year. The question is will he handle this criticism well, will he respond, and will he elevate his play enough that the team isn’t forced to consider sending him to the Panthers next year.


A quick aside before we go, looking at that same pass-defense graphic linked above…the Giants are absolutely fucked.

Don’t expect a comic on Friday, it’s Thanksgiving week! Spend time with your family arguing about how Elon Musk sucks.