Frankly it’s absurd to me that Taylor Swift possibly dating Travis Kelce became such a massive thing. But, I guess that’s what happens when you don’t pay attention to popular music. Gun to my head I could probably name like, 4 Swift songs. She never did anything for me from what I have heard and I haven’t engaged with popular music at all since I discovered my Dad’s classic rock CDs in early high school. The current age of streaming and algorithms makes it remarkably easy to isolate yourself in a pit of what you prefer and ignore everything else. Any pop song that makes it to me is through sheer cultural osmosis and I normally find it years after it had its moment. I discovered “Pumped Up Kicks” like 3 years after it came out and my wife laughed at me when I told her I found a new song I liked. So I knew Swift was really popular, but I had no fucking idea.

Social media was inundated with the Swifties going bananas over this Kelce fella. Looking up his history, learning about who he was, and even going in depth about his astrological signs to see if he and Taylor are a match. Celebrity Stan culture is…alarming. It’s also probably a lot of terminally online people like most alarming sections of fandoms, so while it weirds me out, whatever. I’m not here to gatekeep. Frankly I saw a lot of football fans gatekeeping the Swifties and I think that’s just shitty. Yeah, It can be a little annoying when a newbie who knows nothing barges into a room and starts asking questions but there’s no reason to shit on the football ignorant Swifties for not understanding the sport. Like me and pop music, they’ve simply never had a reason to engage with it, so they didn’t until now.

I want to focus on the positives. With how stupidly popular Swift is there is a non-zero chance that this entire thing actually generates, at minimum, one new football fan. And I think that’s beautiful. We all start somewhere, and if someone discovers the joy of football because their favorite artist dated a talented and kind of annoying tight end, well good for them. That’s neat. That’s more interesting an origin story than most of us, who follow our teams because we inherited the fandom from family (like me) or just lived in a region and saw the team on TV a lot and got into it when they were winning. So Swifties, I welcome you to football. It is a stupid, silly game, but it is full of drama, action, controversy, and excitement. Ask me any questions you want. Following Kelce is a good start, and I think one of the best ways to get into the sport is to learn the stories of many different players so you can have an emotional investment. Don’t start trying to learn strategies or film study, that stuff is for those of us already in too deep.

The media coverage can kiss my ass though. I am not looking forward to this monstrosity on nonsense continuing for the foreseeable future. This is hopefully the only comic I have to make about all this, unless Taylor dumps Kelce in a funny way down the road.


-The one where she says Starbucks Lovers. This is also the only Swift song I can remember genuinely liking.
-The new one where she says I’m the problem it’s me
-Shake it Off
-Look What You Made Me Do
-The one that got meme-edited with that goat screaming. Trouble? I think?
-Look I know I’ve heard more but when you aren’t interested in actually retaining the information it’s difficult okay?
-WAIT…she did a song called Bad Blood, right? I think I remember hating that one