I guess we’ll stick with the unofficial theme of the week: bad coaches! Today, Chuck Pagano.

Want to know something absurd? The Indianapolis Colts would be 9-2 right now if games ended at halftime. They are 3-8. I went back and looked at every box score so far, treating the Colts winning at halftime as a victory. I knew it would change the record, but I didn’t even realize how much. The Colts have only not led at halftime 3 times this whole season. Two were blowout losses to the Rams and Jags (Both good teams), and one was a tie with the Browns, which they eventually won. One of the hallmarks of a good coach has always been halftime adjustments. Can you maintain a lead? Chuck Pagano treats leads like how normal people treat spiders when they see one crawling on them. I’m partially convinced that the 3 games they have won are like open wounds to Chuck. Those were games he could have given up!

Obviously the Colts have a lot of problems outside Chuck but it’s pretty clear Pagano has to go. Even Pagano doesn’t seem interested anymore, instead giving weird press conferences. He’s been a dead man walking all season and he can’t use the Andrew Luck injury excuse anymore, he already used that card before. They should have let him go when they let Grigson walk. I can’t remember the last time a team fired a GM but kept the head coach and things worked out. I’m sure it’s happened, and feel free to name them in the comments, but every example I can think of didn’t work and usually just felt like the coach was a dead man the whole time. Almost like the new GMs keep these coaches on as a scapegoat for when the first season rebuild looks bad.

Chucky got a pass for a while because of the cancer thing and he still deserves credit as a person for getting through that. But he’s clearly not head coach material, at least not in Indy. His biggest legacy at this point is probably helping waste Andrew Luck’s career. Did he have anything to do with starting Deflategate? That might be a notch on the ol’ resume too. It eventually got Brady suspended and irreparably damaged that season for the Patri…oh wait. Nevermind. Remember when one of the best years of his tenure was actually the one where Bruce Arians was the coach? Man, what a legacy.

Chuck at least will probably get another coordinator job after he gets fired, unlike Ben McAdoo, who will work at Taco bell, and will bench the Doritos Locos Tacos.

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