This meme is thankfully long dead by now and I’m doing this joke in June because OFFSEASON DUMPING GROUND but man, if there was a joke I got sick of this year, it was this one. Memes that are genuinely clever at first tend to die the fastest and get beaten to death the worst and this one was no exception. Seeing an x-ray of a dog in a chest was very funny the first time I saw it (which I think was during the primetime Chargers/Chiefs game after Justin Herbert got injured and yet kept going out there to lead the team down the field). By week 4 it was old hat. By the end of the year I was a cat person.

Also, for most of that time, every single time I saw that picture my brain immediately went “That’s a medical emergency, how did a dog get in there”. No, I was not high. Is the dog in there like an alien parasite? Is it in the digestive system? Could you theoretically “pass” the dog if given the right medication? Would you poop a dog? These are the hard questions we have to contend with this time of year.

Do not expect a comic on Monday next week, and I might take the week off entirely due to some personal stuff and some technical upgrading.