Jay Cutler is getting a divorce!

Sometimes I wonder I’m doing Jay dirty by playing into the lazy jerk gag because it misrepresents a human being, who is a complicated individual with the same complexities as you or me. Then I watch him get a divorce and be called “unmotivated” by his own wife and I stop worrying about that. Sometimes it’s just easier to laugh at life imitating art.

From what I watched of their television show, I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. You can’t trust reality TV to be true to anything but it seemed pretty obvious that she was very ambitious and had to be busy all the time and he was more laid back. That dynamic can work in a relationship, but it depends on a number of other factors in the relationship working in tandem. Most of the time, at least in my experience (the anecdotal evidence caveat, folks!), that tends to end badly because the two ideals are simply not that compatible long-term. Whelp.

If you get nothing else from this stupid celebrity drama, at least take away the fact that Martin Lawrence was indeed born in Germany, so that’s a thing that’s true. Did you know that? You do now.