I have nothing against the Falcons, but man, I just don’t find them interesting in the slightest. I’m even in a debate with a fellow sports humor writer over who the most Nilla Wafer QB is, and my pick is Matt Ryan. He’s so bland that Wonderbread looks exciting in comparison. Ryan has been a top 10 QB since he arrived in the league, and yet no one talks about him at all. No one. He’s a fantastic QB and has led his team to more success than they remember and no one cares at all. He has two first names, and both are boring names. Mike Smith isn’t much better honestly. The Falcons just aren’t interesting and our first episode of Hard Knocks rather confirmed it for me. If Tony G was still on the team they might have been saved, but alas.

NEWS UPDATE – there will be no comic on Saturday. As of the moment you read this I am taking a much needed 4 day vacation to road trip the Oregon coast and to get away from art for just a bit.