So last week’s plan was to start making two posts, Chaometer on Monday and bets on Tuesday. I was immediately punched in the dick with the reality that this may not be an optimal approach, because the Jets and Bills decided to go be the most chaotic game of the week and I had to go back and edit everything. This week, we have two Monday night games for some goddamn reason, making this post even more likely to be outdated within a day, and it is supposed to be a week wrap-up report. So now I’m wondering if I just skip Monday posting altogether and make the entire post on Tuesday.

So new plan. I’ll make Monday a flash quick comic reaction/joke post and make it the image dump for the weekend’s bets, and Tuesday will be the final chaos report and bets. So you should only have to check today for the cartoon bets of the weekend and come back if I get the Monday night games wrong.

Anyway, as shown above, sometimes I finish a drawing because the game appears to be over by halftime and I like to get ahead of the curve. Sometimes this bites me in the tuchus. Congratulations to the New York Giants, who somehow turned the entire season around in the span of 2 quarters. Some weird shit has to happen tonight to dethrone your obvious Chaos of the Week contention.

Anyway here ya go. Had a good weekend so far.