Blake Bortles is one of the top QB prospects this draft. He plays the highest profile position in the most popular sport in the country. Yet if you google his name, 90% of the pictures are just his girlfriend. The attractiveness of his girlfriend is mentioned in every story about Blake Bortles. Combine interviewers reportedly asked him about his girlfriend. He did a short video with Steve Mariucci where Mooch asked him a bunch of rapidfire technical questions and then went all perv and asked him about his girlfriend. His girlfriend is more popular than he is on twitter. Is she a celebrity? is she a public figure in any way? Nope, she’s just a hot chick.

Honestly I don’t get the hype. She looks the same as every other QB girlfriend. Every year QBs come out of college with super hot girlfriends. Why Mr. Bortles’ girl is getting all this attention I don’t know. She’s blond, thin, big chested, and tan. That’s like QB girlfriend 101. Go google past QB girlfriends. They are all the same girl. I bet next year we get one that looks just like her.

I wonder if Blake is still getting an ego boost from all this or if he’s annoyed that people who are supposed to be interested in his football skill are instead looking at his girl.