Just in case you weren’t aware, Brock Osweiler is 6’7. He played basketball in high school too, which means the announcers of the world have yet another player with that particular tidbit that they can milk once or twice a game when Brock does tall guy stuff. Because all tall people obviously played BBall at one point. I know many of my extended relatives still think I did simply because I’m 6’3, which isn’t even tall for a basketball player, that’s like minimum point guard territory.

Anyway good for the Broncos and Brock Lobster. Dwayne the Brock Johnson. Brock N Roll. I want to Brock N Roll all night. For those about to Brock we salute you. The Broncos really showed excellent Brock Management. Pats got caught between a Brock and a hard place, eating at the hard Brock cafe. Rock out with your Brock out. Pats got Brockblocked. Favorite month is Brocktober. Always go Brock in Brock Paper Scissors. Tap the Brocky Mountains. Make a meal in your Brock pot. Brock you like a hurricane. All these Brock puns are getting me Brock hard. This paragraph is the Draw Play hitting Brock Bottom.

I hope Brock ends up being good simply so I can keep making tall jokes and Brock puns.