I think my favorite thing about Rob Gronkowski’s obsession with the number 69 is that every news outlet has to report on it because #content, but they all have to be coy about the number’s meaning in the process. So you have big newspapers and respectable media outlets talking about the number 69, deliberately, but trying very hard to not quite make it clear that yes, they are talking about a number that references a sexual position. It’s just funny to see. Here’s an example.  Maybe Rob Gronkowski has played us all. We are but pawns in his very nice game.

Anyway there was a horse named Gronkowski in the Belmont. Gronkowski is actually fairly mild for a horse name to be honest. The Belmont took place on June 9th, aka 6/9.
Gronkowski opened at 69-1 odds to win.
Gronk himself bet 69 dollars on Gronkowski.
Gronk won $950 for his joke bet after Gronkowski got second place.

What a world we live in.

I guess Justify also won the Triple Crown so like, good for him I guess. No glue factory for you. I’ve seen two triple crowners in my lifetime and I’m thoroughly unimpressed by it now.

It’s a crime Gronk doesn’t wear the #69.

Anyway what are the funniest football horse names you can think of? Horse names are fun.
Discount Double Check
Hailed Mary
Punt Muffer
Fresh Brees
Illegal Formation
Spider Banana