Remember Andrew Luck?

Tall guy, built well, ugly as hell? Played for the Colts for a few years? No, not Curtis Painter, the one after him, but before Jacoby Biscuits. Yeah. He was pretty good, even made it to a championship game once. He was pretty good, right? Like, his bombs to TY Hilton and Coby Fleener were fun to watch. He used his legs a bunch to run. Shame what happened to him, really.

Apparently he’s on track for an NFL comeback season! Good for him. After all this time he is apparently throwing footballs. That’s good to hear. The once can’t miss prospect is back on his feet. I can’t wait to see what complications arise from this new development. Maybe his legs have atrophied. Maybe his spine will shatter. No matter what the case, the Colts will pretend it didn’t happen, trot him back onto the field, and we will watch a man die. An extremely ugly man, but a man.

Really it is a shame to see what has so far become of Luck. Dude was on track to be pretty good for a while and clearly had all the talent before this whole mess started. His prime is hitting us right now, and it feels we’ve been robbed of fun QB play. Luck was a fun player to watch. He ran around, he made big ‘ol throws, he was beyond hideous and didn’t seem to realize that his beard did him zero favors so he kept growing it. How can a man who went to Stanford not have the brains to see this in the mirror and think “wow, I look like a goddamn sasquatch”. Maybe he doesn’t have mirrors because he shatters any within 10 feet.

I’m naturally curious to see if Andrew Luck is anything like we remember him being or if the injury and time away has done the damage. I honestly don’t expect him to be good for at least 6 weeks at minimum. He may still have the brain but he’s been unable to practice for over a year because of this thing, he’s going to be physically rusty. Maybe we will get the old Andrew Luck back.