One of the few reasons worth tuning into a preseason game for is if you are one of the lucky fans of a team currently trotting out a new franchise QB for the first time and you want to see what he does. Justin Fields has basically been the great hope of the Chicago Bears since draft night so plenty of people tuned in to see what he would do against an NFL defense. Here’s a video recap of every single play for anyone who missed it and wants a quick digestible view of his debut.

Watching it myself, he looked like a rookie with promise. He starts out looking pretty rough but got better as it went on. His legs saved him on a number of plays but he seemed fairly aware of the pressure and his throws were alright. Being able to scramble and throw is rapidly becoming a necessity for QBs (or at least a significant boon) and on that front, he looked pretty good. I can’t say I was really wowed but he wasn’t an atrocity. But it is his very first appearance and he showed plenty of promise. Bears fans are desperate for literally anything positive at QB so I can’t blame them for overvaluing his first game against backups a bit.

Afterward, Fields made his first minor media whoopsie. He was asked about how the speed at the NFL felt compared to college. This is a pretty standard question for the media to ask rookies every year. Fields said it didn’t seem fast to him, since he deals with the Bears defense in practice every day. It was a quote meant to brag about the Bears, but ya’ll know how that goes. The instant that line hit the internet I knew exactly what people were gonna throw at him the instant he throws his first bad pick. Can’t wait.