I am once again using my soapbox to implore you to stop watching preseason games. We only have a few weeks left, spend them with people you love. In places you want to be. Doing things you want to do. Don’t trick yourself into thinking the battle for 3rd string cornerback is really worth your time. If a fringe player makes the team, cool! You’ll learn their name when it matters in a few weeks if they see the field. Even for those fans who want to see their fresh new face of the franchise throw safe balls against third-stringers, is it really worth it? Really? rrrrrrrreeeeaaaaalllllyyyy?

If enough people go outside and touch grass instead of watch preseason football, maybe we can get them to reduce the number of games from 3 to 1, or even zero!

As a follow up to my last comic about the new taunting rule, we better hope this is the “over-call it in preseason to try and set a tone” situation someone in the comments mentioned, because if they are actually going to flag this in real games, we are in for some righteous anger. Absolute bonkers level of No Fun league bullshit right there.