One of my commentors made a remark on a previous fan type comic calling these team switching bandwagoners “Glory Hunters” and I want to thank you for that because it perfectly describes this kind of fan.

I’ve been thinking about Bandwagon fans recently, and earlier I did the Fair Weather fan, who I said is different than the Bandwagoner. I’d like to amend my constitution here and now say that The Fair Weather fan, the Glory Hunter, and a fan I haven’t gotten to yet (The Obnoxious Newbie) are all subtypes of the conglomerate of suck that is a Bandwagon fan. They are all bandwagoners. They all stem from the same disgusting ooze.

Glory Hunters are usually referred to as Team-Switchers, and is probably the type of fan that other fans respect the least.

I want to say this before I start the bashing: There are no rules for sports fandom. None. You are free to root for whoever you want, whenever you want, and no one, not me, nor the president can tell you how to root for a team. How you root is your choice and no one else’s. If you want to pick only good teams, go right ahead. You just have to realize one thing: It makes it harder for other fans to take that sort of person seriously as a fan.

I’m sure many of you know someone like this. They liked a team a lot, but that team faded, and years down the road you see them rooting for other teams, for one reason or another. The teams they support always happen to be good, or have been good in recent years. If all you do is jump on the good franchises you seem kinda shameless. Sports fans value loyalty, and will always view team switchers poorly.

ADDENDUM: I do want to point out switching teams isn’t automatically a crime against fandom, there are perfectly good reasons to support someone else after a while. If you aren’t a die hard fan and you move to a new area, adopting the local team and supporting them makes perfect sense. This is specifically about the people who bandwagon only the good teams on a fairly regular basis, especially when they have no family members or local affiliation with said teams.

It’s also forgivable when you are young and haven’t quite had a team grab you yet