The Sex Boat is one of those things that would have given me months, maybe even years, of material if I had been making this comic when it happened. It was the perfect scandal for the yucks. Nobody got hurt, the extent of the actual crime was basically that some people had sexual acts performed in front of them that they necessarily didn’t want to see. Everything else was your typical moral outrage. HOW DARE SOME FOLKS HAVE A BOAT ORGY! Sounds like a ton of fun, frankly.

In case you are a sweet summer child who wasn’t around for it or if you don’t remember it, here’s a good recap. tl:dr – some Vikings players rented a boat and a lot of strippers and the party got off the hook.

The ringleader was Fred Smoot, a frankly ludicrous personality and pretty solid cornerback. If you are confused by the Okra Patch comment in the comic, it refers to picking a girl up and eating her out.  Smoot himself confirmed it in quite possibly the best Reddit AMA answer of all time.

If the sex boat was an overrated party I would love to know what a true party is to Fred Smoot. The Vikings were a bad team at the time of Sex Boat and it just put a big KY Jelly covered mood over the whole season. Mike Tice was fired, the organization was a punchline. I was a teenager and thought it was hilarious. I am now a functioning adult and it’s even funnier. Long live the Sex Boat.