QB Prospect Will Levis apparently added mayo to his coffee once as a joke for social media, and this weekend the joke exploded around the internet thanks to the NFL Combine. It was another case of being obviously untrue (Watching any video where he does it makes it obvious, you never see the filthy concoction actually enter his mouth), but I’m not here to pass on a stupid idea like this. Nobody comes to me for my detailed analysis of incoming players, I have none. You come to me because I deal in covering nonsense, and this was far more interesting to me than the measurables of D-line prospects. Go get your Combine grades somewhere else, nerd.

I appreciate that Levis was willing to play into the joke. The man has a little chaos in him and is probably the most chaotic choice at QB since he’s the raw upside guy that’ll probably climb the ranks for no reason this draft.