Since I kind of already made my prediction blog post on Monday (tl:dr- Rooting Chiefs, expect 49ers) we don’t really have to go into depth here before the game and enjoy our annual puppy puns. SPEAKING OF WHICH:

Daniel Bones
George Kibble
Jimmy Grrrapuppo
Pet Mahomes
Terrier McLaurin
Hunter Renfuzz
Gardner Minshiba
DK Petcalf
Darius Spayton
Jacoby Bassett Hound
Kyler Furry
Bill O’Boofin
Derrick Hairy
Mitch TruBitchsky
Bitchard Sherman
Golden Retriever Tate
Terrell Pugs
Delanie Wanna Go For A Walker
Everson Sniffin
Barker Mayfield
Mason Rudog
Joe Judge of BEST IN SHOW

And here is my own puppy, Fleali Manning: