How the fuck does Richie Goddamn Incognito have a football job in 2019.

This is a guy who belongs in a hospital, in therapy. This is a dude who needs help. This is a dude who needs to be far away from the locker room culture. This is a dude who could honestly probably be locked up. The joke of this comic is how long his bullshit resume is, and I honestly probably could have dragged it out another 6 panels if I tried. Richie Incognito has arguably had more chances than any other football player I can remember. It’s ridiculous that after all he’s done to embarrass himself and his teams that he is still getting chances. He’s essentially the prototypical poster boy for the “Football meathead bro-douche” stereotype, with all of its negative connotations. Even if you want to go purely for football reasons because you’re that guy, he’s 35 years old and he literally temporarily “retired” from the Bills because a doctor told him his organs were failing.

Of course he’d end up on the Raiders. I have no idea what on earth Gruden is doing. I doubt Mike Mayock has much power, I’d wager he was hired as Gruden’s stooge. Gruden is a strong personality who hated Keyshawn Johnson and in this past offseason has employed Antonio Brown, Vontaze Burfict, and now Richie Incognito. What the hell is happening? Are they trying to make the last few seasons in Oakland a massive disaster to make the move less painful? I can’t expect he’ll be much of a player in Oakland. His best years are long behind and all that is left is probably the drugs and the hate.

Richie Incognito has had too many chances to justify another contract. Football might be the only thing he has going for him in life, but he’s such a time bomb of toxicity that he genuinely needs to be away from it as far as I can tell. He needs support. I realize his most recent “outburst” in the funeral home was related to his father’s passing and he certainly has my sympathies on that, but it doesn’t justify smashing up a funeral parlor and threatening to shoot everyone. I just want the guy to find peace at this point. I don’t think football will give him that. I think football is an unhealthy distraction that amplifies his problems. Get help, Richie.

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