I have to, unfortunately, travel this week. I haven’t seen my family since well before covid started and while now is clearly not a great time to go anywhere, it’s an important moment I can’t miss. The season starts on the 9th with Cowboys/Bucs, I will return for a comic that Thursday on the 9th. This week + next Sunday will not happen.

I will also be taking my spare time for the next week and probably do some mild touchups on the site, just clean up some pages, do some maintenance, update some things, polish the turd, etc. Hopefully I won’t break anything.

In the meantime, I dug deep into my hard drive and found most of my old logo re-designs from my days at Kissing Suzy Kolber and uploaded them. The pages need some maintenance as they are currently just the images, but that is part of what I was hoping to clean up this week. You can always go gander at what’s there for a trip down memory lane. Some of them are still good. You can find them in the galleries > NFL logos drop-down menu at the top, or click right here:
Butts Steroids American Canadian Spooky Weed Anime

I also uploaded an old but great project I did turning every NFL team into a Pokemon. If you click on any of these links, this is the one that is still cool to me. See you next week!

EDIT: due to jet lag the new comic will go up on Thursday to ring in the season