Did you know that Antonio Gates played basketball? Well Antonio Gates played basketball. Just so you know, he did. he played basketball. He was really good at basketball. Some people saw him playing basketball and went “Huh he would make a good tight end!”. That happened. He was a basketball player. He played basketball, you know the sport with the big orange ball with the thin black lines on it that requires you to throw it through a net 10 feet off the ground. That was the sport he played, and he was good enough at it that some people decided he should play football, and it turns out he was good at that too.

Every time he makes a catch it’s like going up for a rebound, see? And he’s really good at drawing fouls because people have to grab him to slow him down and prevent him from scoring. And he kicks field goals because they are worth 3 points. Basketball. His skills at basketball have totally translated across sports to a great career! We don’t know literally anything else worthwhile about Antonio Gates so lets just talk about his Basketball history again.

Seriously, announcers, we know he played basketball. You can shut up about it now. Oh and about Jimmy Graham too. And Julius Thomas. In fact, every tight end these days seemed to play basketball, so stop mentioning it. You hacks.