You all probably knew a comic about this was coming the instant the play happened. That ending might be this year’s version of the Jacobi Lateral from last year.

Before I get snarky and we all get our yucks in at the Chiefs, I want to start by being as fair as I can to the situation.

We know Mahomes is a passionate guy who wears his emotions on his sleeves. Him going on rants about how bullshit it was and affecting Travis Kelce’s Hall of Fame resume was mighty silly but He just lost a closely contested game against a rival thanks to a minor penalty negating one of the coolest plays of the year. Of course he’s going to be mad about it, and of course he’s going to go on an emotional tirade. He’s going to blame the officiating because he’s not an asshole who will throw his idiot teammate under the bus.

Mahomes isn’t wrong when he complains about the inconsistency of the officiating this year and every year. People already found multiple other examples of similar offsides not being called. Dan Orlovsky did a deep dive on Toney’s snaps during the game and Kadarious Toney is a serial line crosser. Toney repeatedly skirting the rules lends some credence to Mahomes’s cries about inconsistency. When Toney is always kinda crossing the threshold, it feels bad to only call him on it for that one play at the end of the game. The officiating has stained so many games this season, last season, last years worth of seasons, and it is only getting worse. I understand why Mahomes is mad. I understand why he went on a rant. I also thought that play was the coolest shit, and I’m sad we didn’t get to have it count.

Okay, that’s enough being fair, let’s clown on these whiney babies.

IF YOU LINED UP RIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE THEY’D HAVE NO REASON TO CALL ANYTHING YA FUCKIN DOPES. Toney was offsides. The flag was thrown well before all the cool shit even happened. Toney should maybe learn how to fucking line up properly. A lot has been made about refs letting players know if they are offsides in games, which is a much more common occurrence than any of us realized. WRs usually check in with refs and refs will give them a signal if they look off. Toney never checked in. This is basic shit, and well, Toney is not known for being a smart guy who puts the work in. He’s a clown. I’m glad he helped beat the Eagles and I have zero regrets that the Giants ditched his fucking ass. Fuck that guy. I got so damn tired of all these NFL analysts and dipshits talking about Toney like the Giants let Michael Jordan go last year that watching him suck harder than a black hole this year and have his hype vanish into a puff of smoke has been exceptionally cathartic.

How hard is it to line up right as a WR?!?! You don’t need those extra 6 inches out there, that slight edge matters to a lineman who encounters contact within half a second but a WR being 6 inches further back basically affects nothing about the upcoming play. Should be one of the easiest things to do right.

It is aggravating that for all the terrible mistakes the officials have made all year, the one that a team finally explodes on and pushes back dramatically on is one of the few cases where the refs got it right. Where was this ranting and raving and bitching about the missed DPI last week? These officials and the NFL deserve the scrutiny, and the embarrassment they are giving the game on a weekly basis, but not for this! They got this right! The dipshit was offsides! It’s not the first time a player being offsides ruined a Chiefs win, Mahomes should be personally offended by anyone being offsides at any time. Going after the officials for this one just makes you look like a rube!

On top of all of this is the fact that this is the fucking Chiefs of all teams complaining about it. THE CHIEFS! Have you seen how many favorable bad calls the Chiefs get? Hell, just before the missed DPI last week, the Packers got called on a terrible roughing call on a clean hit on Mahomes out of bounds. It’s not the first time Mahomes has benefitted from that and it won’t be the last. The Chiefs won the Super Bowl last year after an extremely similar situation to this one that went in their favor: Bradberry getting called for a (fair) hold on a late game play that had been mostly ignored all game. The Eagles didn’t act like this after they lost that much more important game. Mahomes gets all the superstar calls. He bitches for them all the time. He’s right, the refs are woefully inconsistent and need to be held accountable, it’s just most of the time they go in his favor anyway so now that they didn’t he’s big mad.

This little temper tantrum, emotional guy or not, is embarassing. Him acting like a baby in the post-game press conference and ranting like a weeny to Josh Allen in the postgame handshake is hilarious. Peak Whiney Baby shit.

I like Patrick Mahomes. He’s fun to watch play football. I still find him far more entertaining than I ever found Tom Brady on the field. Of course I’m also somewhat sick of him but that’s to be expected when you are so overexposed to his presence. I wish he could use that power he wields as the ambassador of the brand to attack the league on a better foundation than his idiot teammate being blatantly offsides and getting called on it. They’d never rip a teammate publicly but I hope, I PRAY, that Toney got read the riot act after that game ended in the locker room. He’s the one everyone should be mad at.

TL:DR: lmao Toney you dunce