There were a lot of changes to broadcasts this year, so think of this one as a companion comic to the previous one.

I hope you are a fan of a big-market, popular franchise! If so, you are likely to see your team on primetime whenever the NFL feels like it! If you are not a fan of a large media market franchise…I’m sorry. I did not want this. I don’t like this. It’s terrible. I don’t want to watch the same 6-7 teams in primetime every week either.

First off, the other changes: We now have a Black Friday game. Okay, whatever. Don’t have a strong opinion on that.

Games are, as Adam Schefter called it, “free agents”, and no longer bound to networks. For as long as I can remember, CBS mostly covered AFC games and FOX mostly covered NFC games. If you liked, say, the Giants, and you lived in their media market, they would be on FOX. This is apparently just…gone now? CBS and FOX can just decide to air whichever games they want? So FOX can just have an afternoon game of the week between the Bengals and Ravens if they so choose? I don’t know how the two networks are going to sort this out between them. Obviously, they’d both want the better matchups of the week. I wouldn’t be surprised if they simply kinda follow tradition.

Teams can now be on Thursday Night Football twice! This sucks! Thursday night football is already a rough week for those teams but they could plan for it well enough and if you were lucky it was early in the year. I’m also surprised this wasn’t true already, but I guess not. I got confused by the Denver Broncos being in like 5 straight primetime games early last season.

Teams are now no longer guaranteed a primetime slot. This ABSOLUTELY sucks. The season has more than enough primetime games to give every team multiple games if they set it up properly. The schedule is released now, and the Chiefs, Cowboys, Giants, Eagles…they are all flooding the airwaves at night. The Cardinals, Colts, Falcons, and Texans literally have zero. That’s simply bullshit. This was one of the better things about Thursday night football, every team got their turn to be in the spotlight at least once. Does the average NFL fan want to watch the Houston Texans in primetime? No. That shouldn’t matter. Give those suffering souls a chance. It’ll still make a ton of money and millions of people will still watch. But you gotta make ALL the money at ALL times. The NFL would put the Cowboys in every single primetime slot every week if they could get away with it.