Can’t say “Jaguars trade 6th round pick for Mac Jones” was anywhere near the list of things I expected to read on Sunday morning, groggy from losing an hour of sleep thanks to the bullshit of Daylight Savings Time. Well, if you had any doubts the Patriots are going to draft a QB at pick #3, put them into the dirt and cover them with a concrete foundation for some overpriced new condos.

A 6th rounder. Mac’s final season in New England was a disgrace but a 6th round pick is rough, buddy. The entire 2021 QB draft class has been a disappointment and by the start of the season, Trevor may be the only QB who remains on his original team. Trey Lance barely played a couple of quarters of football and was shipped into Dallas and vanished. Zach Wilson was so bad and yet still so badly mismanaged by the Jets at the same time that he was rumored to not even want the starting job back after being benched last year. The Jets would probably offload him for a snickers bar at this point, if anyone was even willing to send them that. Justin Fields is very likely about to be shipped out of Chicago as well, probably for a better haul than any of the other 3 but likely not much better. A 4th? Maybe a 3rd? A team would be stupid to send a 2nd. Trevor remains standing now and it’s not like he isn’t on shakey ground himself. Trevor’s first-year struggles can be written off as Urban blight and last year you can make the fair argument that he was injured and shouldn’t have played, but the collapse happened just the same and Trevor hasn’t shown the skills of a guy so highly touted coming out.

Mac is from Jacksonville so at least he gets to be close to home while he backs up Trevor. I assume Baalke won’t fix anything with the roster either so the chances we see Mac Jones go out there and sling it to the dirt near Evan Engram’s feet is pretty high. It’s hard not to wonder how much of Mac’s struggles in New England were him and how much was on Bill and the general tomfoolery of the Patriots offense. He wasn’t bad as a rookie. That was also the year he had his best supporting cast and Josh McDaniels running the offense. Laugh at McDaniels all we want (and we will!) he was still at least a competent coordinator in New England and significantly better than Matt Patricia. Jones could conceivably benefit from some time on the bench in a new system and rehab himself into a journeyman mercenary type. There is a non-zero chance he ends up on the Browns hydra within the next 4 years.