Trevor Lawrence exited the MNF game late in the 4th after a twist up on his ankle left him in obvious pain. He had to be helped off the field and carried to the locker room. It ended up being a relatively minor sprain judging from reports I’ve read so far, and he was apparently at practice on Thursday. He got lucky, because he was extremely close to ending up on the chopping block that this season has been for QBs.

For all the efforts made to protect QBs in the past years it doesn’t actually appear to be working all that well. The season started snappy with Rodgers’ Achilles on the first snaps of the first MNF game. Daniel Jones re-injured his neck trying to make more than one read and then came back for half a game before tearing his ACL. His replacement, Tyrod Taylor, broke his ribs after a hard hit 3 games later. Kirk Cousins got the memo that Rodgers is a future Viking and paid tribute by sacrificing his own Achilles. Joe Burrow did…something to his wrist that made it extremely painful to throw a football. Anthony Richardson had a fun, I dunno, 2 games? before he was just gone. Groper Cleveland fucked up his shoulder and then the Browns backups got so messed up they ended up starting Joe Flacco after one week on the team. Kenny Pickett (not pictured, pretend he’s in the bathroom struggling to hold his dick with his tiny, tiny hands) messed up his ankle and his return is up in the air.

Injuries to QBs have struck the Raiders, with Jimmy missing games until being benched. Ryan Tannehill is riding the bench after he got replaced due to injury and a lost season. Derek Carr has been thrown around like a ragdoll. Fields has missed several games. This is all coming on a year where Kyler just came back from a torn ACL a few weeks ago and Brock Purdy’s elbow injury effectively ruined the NFCCG.

I don’t think Roger and the shareholders at NFL central in NY are likely to be happy that the NFL is throwing Mitch Trubisky and Tyson Bagent at us. Tommy DeVito is funny but nobody actually thinks he’s the future. I’m wondering what sort of steps the NFL is going to take to further bubble-proof the position. Most roughing-the-passer calls are already bullshit. Maybe they will institute playground rules, where defenders have to count to five before they can rush the QB. Maybe they will allow the entire offensive line to false start every play instead of just Lane Johnson on the end. Maybe they will give every QB a personal tank or convert one offensive position to sniper who shoots paintballs at defenders and if they get hit they have to play dead.