The short-lived Alvin Kamara drama from last week briefly re-surfaced the great Taysom Hill debate from the depths of Lake Pontchartrain. The Saints have a true YOLO approach to cap space and after giving Taysom his contract, it looked as if the money they spent on Hill might actually be one of the reasons they couldn’t afford to pay Kamara, who at the time of the drama appeared to be ready to hold out.

So on came the jokes! Can you imagine losing Alvin Kamara because you overpaid Taysom Hill? Some people are okay with that! There are players on every team that get absurd levels of blind support, but out of every horrible group of player stans, Taysom Hill stans might be the most deluded and annoying. Josh Allen stans are the other worst. At least Josh Allen makes a genuine impact in games.

Taysom Hill appears to exist entirely because Sean Payton likes to be clever and show off how clever he is. I enjoy when bold egomaniacs do bold egomaniac things because they result in horrific failures or amazing successes. Taysom Hill is a weird player with no set positional skill who can be a true wrinkle in an offense. He’s a threat to throw, to catch, to block…he’s a true luxury player on a stacked team. When used in a clever way, he’s hard to account for and can blow things up. He hasn’t really done it that much so far, but the potential is there! Plus, as time goes on, he can be molded to better fit one of the 16 positions he plays. This is the argument that Taysom Hill stans endorse. I was honestly okay with that and even understood it, until this recent free agency period when I learned one key fact about Taysom Hill. Taysom Hill is 30 years old.

Suddenly Taysom Hill is less of a player with amazing potential and more a laughable ruse. Weird athletic jack-of-all-trade players can work when they are really young. You find a fresh guy who isn’t a perfect mold but has so much talent that you can let him rip and see what happens, and as his career moves you can center his positions to what he’s best at as he reaches his prime. Taysom Hill is basically already in the back half of his prime. He’s your QB of the future? He’s completed less passes to Saints players than Jameis Winston, the current backup QB. Taysom Hill is never going to be the Saints franchise QB. Stop bragging how you got the guy “cheap for a QB” for two years. You didn’t get the future QB of the team on a cheap deal, you overpaid an old gimmick guy who isn’t good enough to actually start at any position. It’ll be two years of straight commitment to the bit for Hill to even develop enough to start. The Saints paid 17 million to old Tebow who doesn’t throw. Anyone with a brain can see how stupid that was. The Saints would legitimately be better off trying to make Jameis the guy after Brees leaves, Jameis still has far more potential, far more QB talent, far more experience, and is still 4 YEARS YOUNGER.

I enjoy watching Taysom Hill, but Taysom Hill is not the future. Taysom Hill is a fun gimmick.

Don’t die on Taysom Hill.

9/9/2020 EDIT: Still dealing with the stomach bullshit, but trying to get back to regular schedule, expect at least one more comic this week, probably tomorrow