Big ups to the guy who gave it this name in my comments on Monday. I don’t know what the play will be remembered as, but I think this is the funniest answer I saw so I’m making sure to memorialize it.

The Hail Moron, Stiff Six, Mac Truck, …the Jakobi Meyers brainfart that occurred on Sunday was the single dumbest play I’ve seen since, well probably the Colts attempt to fake a punt that went very wrong. It’s up there in the top ten dumbest plays in NFL history, imo. If it happened in the second quarter, it would still belong here, but wouldn’t be top ten. The fact that the play won the Raiders the game, a game that was going to overtime otherwise…is magic. If the Patriots miss the playoffs by one game (please let this happen), this becomes the most important play of the entire season.

What a mistake. What an absolute mistake, by the team we’ve been trained to never make these sorts of errors. This is New York Jets territory. This is Washington style. Hell, this is some Raiders shit. The end of regulation lateral desperation is nothing new. But the Patriots weren’t losing. The game was tied. This was not necessary in any way. Most teams don’t even try to score in this situation but just take the knee and prep for overtime. The Patriots certainly weren’t trying to score. The first mistake was trying to run the ball at all. The runner ended up getting further into the secondary than he probably expected and it got into his head so he chucked the ball to Jakobi Meyers. Stupid. Very stupid. The fact that he didn’t go down but dumped a lame-duck lateral to begin with has honestly been overshadowed by what happened next, but we need to emphasize that the lateral was pointless and stupid. The second mistake in a rapidly cascading pile of failure. The third mistake was Jakobi Meyers basically sprinting 15 yards backward, not even sideways, looking for a lateral target. He didn’t try to find a lane and give up, he just straight up started running the wrong way openly looking to lateral. The 4th mistake was the big one. He threw it to Mac Jones.

Ignore for a moment the fact that the lateral was fucking across his body, across the field, and horribly off-target. What the fuck was Mac Jones even going to do with it in the first place? He had no blockers. He’s not a running QB. He can’t throw it anymore, it’s not a flea flicker. The fuck is Mac gonna do? Well, get sent to hell, apparently. Chandler Jones and Mac had pretty much given up on the play by then because…well, obviously the play should have been over.  So here comes dipshit mcgee chucking a bomb directly to Chandler Jones, who managed to compose himself enough from the shock of the stupidity to catch it, turn around, and face the only obstacle between him and glory. 214lbs of soft pasty white boy. I’ve seen Mac Jones get some shit for not tackling Chandler but let’s be real, Mac was fucked. His best hope would be to trip Chandler Jones up, which he tried to do, while being stiff-armed into the upper crust of the earth’s mantle. Chandler Jones probably laughed maniacally as he sent Mac into his grave before valiantly strolling into the endzone.

Moments later, as we wiped the tears of laughter from our eyes, the reality of the situation truly sunk in. What a masterpiece. I am proud to have seen it. My Patriots fan friend flew to Vegas for the game. All he sent me afterward was “WTF did I just see”. Sir, you saw history. Absolute history.

As far as all-time greatest idiot mistakes go, it’s possibly just outside top 5. Buttfumble remains #1. The Colts Punt is probably #2. The Leon Lett Miami mistake is probably #3. I think this play has an argument for #4, mostly because it activley lost the game for the Patriots. Plays like the Wrong Way Run or the DJAX drop or the Leon Lett Bills fumble happened in games where the team still won. The Dan Orlovsky safety ended up being the difference in a 12-10 loss, but it happened in the first quarter with the game at 0-0. The Miracle at the Meadowlands was more or less caused by teams not having yet normalized the victory formation. Swinging Gate was Jim Zorn giving Dan Snyder the finger. This play straight-up lost the Patriots a game they could have won, and may cost them a playoff spot.

The Patriots sit at 7-7, in the 8th seed. In front of them are the Dolphins, at 8-6, the Chargers, at 8-6, and the 9-5 Ravens. All 3 teams have an arguably easier schedule than the Patriots do. If the Patriots end up one game out, we can all bring up this replay and laugh about it even harder as an encore.