Okay, so apparently, during the Eagles/Jets game, Mark Sanchez described Jalen Hurts escaping a sack as a slippery salmon in vaseline. I missed the call, but a follower asked me to draw Jalen Hurts as a salmon in vaseline. I was confused and said no. Someone asked me how much to make the drawing anyway. I joked and said 50 bucks, thinking nobody would be that dumb. What I failed to account for was the crowdsourcing possibility, and I was suddenly spammed in my venmo account by 38 different payments, all between 30 cents to 5 bucks, all in an attempt to add up to 50 bucks. So thanks, twitter chucklefucks, now I have a new masterpiece to add to my Dave’s Creepy Drawing hall of fame, right up there with the Urban Meyer Dolphin grinding, Derek Car, and everything I’ve made with Trevor Lawrence.

Anyway, here ya go. Twas a fun week and I had some fun with the doodles this time.