Was there any other way this game could have ended? The Cowboys, fighting for the division crown for the 3rd year in a row? That INT was never in doubt. When the Cowboys got the ball back within a TD and with 2 minutes to play, it was almost as if you could smell the Romoception in the air. People were congratulating me on “calling it” on twitter, but I don’t know why. The outcome was obvious. There was no other way this season could possibly end for the Cowboys. You could feel this happening as soon as the Eagles found their footing weeks ago. What has happened before will happen again.

Although it being Kyle Orton sure made it funnier. I would hope that Kyle Orton throwing the game in the “clutch” would help a lot of dumb fans realize that maybe the problem is the team and not Romo. But no way that happens. If Orton had played terribly and the Eagles shanked them it might have made a difference, but ultimately now people are just going to see Orton as Romo and Romo as still unclutch.

It boggled my mind that some (not all) Dallas fans were excited to see Romo not play. As if Kyle Orton was legitimately the better option at QB. I can get having some lack of trust in Romo. I can get the skeptics, even if I disagree. But thinking Orton is legitimately the better choice? No. He’s the backup for a reason. Orton didn’t even play that well yesterday, the Cowboys hung in there because the D-line kept throwing the Eagles off rhythm. I would also like to point out that Tony Romo’s final game of the 2013 season was…a clutch victory on a last minute TD drive that kept Dallas alive, as he was playing hurt. Yet nobody mentioned that.

I almost feel bad for Dallas fans. Almost. I was rooting for them on Sunday. Mostly because I hate the Eagles more than anything, but partially because I wanted to see Dallas get over the hum…hahaha no it was because I hate the Eagles more. Stupid Eagles.

Help me Sean Payton, you’re my only hope