Ugh. Can we not? Can we really just…not? We were rid of him. He was gone. His toxic fanbase and the equally toxic backlash they caused ran him out of the league, he gave up, he went to Baseball and stayed there for a while. When he was last in the NFL, kneeling was seen as the ultimate sign of respect. We were rid of him and all the nonsense he brought with him. Ugh.

I guess it’s not entirely surprising that if Teebs would actually return, it would be for his old college coach. If anyone knows how to weather the Tebow storm (and how to avoid responsibility for scandals in general) it’s Urbs. He’s also finally eating some humble pie and converting to Tight End, a move that people were demanding of him even before he got drafted. I kind of respected that Tebow never gave into the pressure and only wanted to play QB, but that was part of what hurt his chances in the long run. Now he is caving to pressure and possibly taking away a roster spot for a kid who deserves a chance more than some washed up has-been who never actually was and only matters because of the media frenzy he caused.

Almost immediately the Tebow turds came rushing back to spout that no, Tebow deserves this second chance, as if he didn’t literally quit football because nobody wanted him. As if part of the reason nobody wanted him was because of those very same people, who acted like he was being persecuted when critics pointed out he wasn’t very good at NFL level football, which was true. He wasn’t. Tim Tebow sucked. Even during Tebow mania the only defense his fans could muster was “he just wins!” because he beat a bunch of mediocre teams whilst putting up some of the worst passing numbers ever seen in the modern era. He played one good game of football against a depleted Steelers team who underestimated him, and his only notable throw in NFL history was a basic 12 yard slant that Demaryius Thomas took 70 yards to the house.

I’ve seen a few people making the inevitable Kaep comparisons, on both sides of the argument, about things like how Kaep also deserves a chance if Tebow does (honestly yes, if Tebow can come back, Kaep should be able to come back as well). But I’m not sure the comparison is entirely fair now. Kaep seems done with the league after all the bullshit and he’s not coming back to play TE. If Harbaugh returns to coach and Kaep comes back then, we’ve got a quality comparison. For one major difference, Kaep was better than Tebow at like, everything. He was a better passer. He was a better runner. He was even better at causing a shitstorm by going down on one knee than Tebow was.

If Tebow didn’t come with all of that screaming baggage I’d be okay with him. I do think he was screwed over, mostly due to his own fans making him a distraction, but as a player he was fun to watch. His faith stuff was very performative and over the top, but lots of players are faithful so I never really had much issue with his beliefs even though I don’t agree with them. But man…those fans…I’m so tired of seeing them shout about the same stupid Steelers game and everything else in their limited arsenal they use to justify him. He was gone. He was a fun blip in NFL history. Let him die.

Also, he’s only trying out at Tight End because the Tight End Urban Meyer knows best from the Tebow years is…well…you know.

Edit: Tebow was in the league so long ago I literally forgot which receiver caught his Steelers pass