Yup, another game decided by this crap again. I could talk about how the ruling was technically correct. I could go on about how absurdly over-legislated the rule is, causing more confusion than clarification. I could go into the troubles of loosening the catch rule up, leaving even more to subjectivity. I could say Dez caught it. I could say Dez didn’t catch it. I could talk about how I think Jesse James did catch it, and that even though his hand moved, the ball remained pinned against his forearm and never really shook loose, just moved. I could talk about how the NFL really needs to figure this shit out and how they probably wont, as well as provide half-assed solutions.

But we get enough of that every time this happens, so let’s just talk Star Wars.

No Spoilers, keep it friendly for the unseen folks. If you spoil the movie I turn your comment into a comment about farts. 

I loved The Last Jedi. It had some issues, like a couple of dumb moments, one forced conflict, and very questionable pacing, but I enjoyed it so much more than the other two new films. TFA was just a fan film on a high budget and did nothing new, Rogue One was a hollow, soulless mess that was hacked up by reshoots and generally sucked outside some good visuals. TLJ gave me a movie where I still generally knew the outcome, but how they got there surprised me. I liked all that new stuff. I liked that I wasn’t just watching the same thing with a new coat of paint like TFA. I liked that the characters were fun and had a personality deeper than a piece of paper like R1. God help me I didn’t hate the Porgs. I thought I would, but they were okay.

It’s not perfect at all but I like that it tried things, took a few chances, and pissed all over so many fan theories. Fuck your fan theories. Don’t make fan theories. People who do that just get caught up their own butthole and then judge the movie for not being their vision and so much of the hate I see this movie getting feels like butthurt Star Wars fans angry that it didn’t just pander to them. I’ll need to watch it again in like 6 months and see how I feel then, but I certainly came out of this new one pretty happy and actually interested in seeing where it will go from here. Considering I walked into it incredibly tired of SW fandom, the hype and everything, that feels nice.

Dave’s official opinion ranking of the SW Films:
Empire Strikes Back
A New Hope
Return of the Jedi
The Last Jedi
The Force Awakens
Rogue One
Revenge of the Sith
Phantom Menance
Attack of the Total Garbage

Anyway I’m sure everyone will be reasonable on this topic so have at me, NERDS (And please be a good person and don’t spoil things)