This might sound weird coming from a guy who has spent a significant chunk of his free time making comics about football over the past eleven years, but I don’t need football all the time. It honestly seems somewhat depressing if you do. I have other interests. I do other things. I’ve actually always felt a palpable sense of relief once the Super Bowl hits because it’s like a weight gets lifted and even still drawing 3 comics a week and following free agency doesn’t feel like a burden, because now I’m less restricted by time constraints and quick news stories being outdated too fast. I’ve never gotten into college football partially because I don’t want my entire weekend to be football.

I wasn’t sure when the XFL/USFL started, and was shocked to come home after a fun day to realize…it already did. The XFL’s inaugural weekend just happened. The fuckers couldn’t even give me a week to miss football, just a little bit? I don’t want this now. I have no desire to watch a league headlined by AJ McCarron one week after watching Patrick Fuckin Mahomes. Start it mid to late March once the draft beatniks enter their insufferable phase because they’ve already exhausted all their takes. Give me some breathing room. It’s not like February is short on sports content, Basketball is about to start the good part of the season and Hockey is in full bloom.

The XFL, somehow not killed by COVID and now owned by The Rock, is back. The season will go into late April and have a championship in May. But this year is special. We don’t get one attempt to revive spring football, we get TWO. Before the XFL season is even over the revival of the USFL also returns once more and will run from April to June (a much better time-frame). This year will be even better than last year, in that the games will happen in more than one stadium! The budget must have rocketed upwards.

What makes me wonder about this is that the lack of talent has always been a problem with spring leagues. The AAF, first XFL revival, and USFL last year has mostly consisted of NFL washouts or undrafted hopefuls. How do you stretch what was already an extremely thin and sometimes unwatchable roster of players out over two leagues? How many XFL players will immediately get signed into the USFL? I’m all for Spring football (starting in…you know, SPRING) and I’m probably more partial to the XFL over the USFL but I’d be happy with either of them actually succeeding. But if they do succeed, they gotta win over people like me. The degenerate gamblers are already there. The people with nothing else going on who need football to live are already there. But the basic guy like me, who has plenty of other shit to do? What are you bringing to the table to make me sit there and watch? Especially so soon? The NFL just ended!

“But any football is better than no football!” No. My god man, are you hearing yourself? You’d watch the Saints and Texans practice squads play every weekend just to have football on your eyeballs? We don’t need football right now. If you do, seek help. Reminder, this is coming from a guy who has spent 11 years doing…all of this. Enjoy a few weeks with some extra life.

The Super Bowl is like, a giant, prime cut of steak, cooked to perfection. Then as soon as I eat the whole thing you come to me with a stale cake pop. There will be a time when I want that stale cake pop. It might even be reasonably soon. But I do not want that damn stale cake pop while the taste of steak still coats the insides of my mouth. Come back to my table in an hour after I’ve burped and farted a few times to clear some space.