One of those silly things that pops up every year around this time is simulations of the game by multiple people in multiple ways. Madden, Tecmo Bowl, throwing darts at a wall, it’s all utterly pointless but it’s still kind of funny silliness. I hope no one actually takes Madden Simulations results seriously. Letting a computer program decide the fate of football teams is just absurd on multiple levels.

*glares at NCAA*

Anyway the Panthers should win, they are the better team, but I think people are severely overlooking the Broncos. I don’t think the Broncos will win, but I think they are going to put up a better fight then many people are predicting and if they do pull it off I won’t be surprised. Honestly bad things seem to happen when people overlook a really stout defense in the Super Bowl. If Carolina’s defense wasn’t also really good I’d actually pick the Broncos. As it stands I think it’ll be a low scoring turnoverfest but Denver simply won’t get anything going offensively and Carolina will get just enough.

I don’t know who I’m personally rooting for, this is a good matchup for me in terms of neutrality, it’s the opposite of last year where I hated both teams. This time I like both teams. I just hope it’s a good game, at least last year delivered that. It would be nice to see Peyton ride off into the sunset the winner he deserves to be. Von Miller is cool too, and Demarcus Ware getting a rings on not-Dallas would own. At the same time I hate John Elway and his horse face so watching him cry would be funny. Plus, if Peyton retires with only 1 ring,¬†we get to keep the greatest fun fact in football alive: Eli Manning having more rings than his big older bro.

As a team I probably like the Panthers more. Most of the players are cool. I’d love to see Jared Allen get a ring. I would absolutely love to drink the tears of everyone who hates Cam Newton crying about him winning. On the other hand, the Panther bandwagon is already growing rather large and this feels like the beginning reign of a very dominant team that will likely have multiple chances to win this thing, so holding them back one more year might be fine with me.

I think I’m rooting for and expect the Panthers to win, but I’ll be fine with the opposite result. Here’s to a good game.