There was quite a bit of kerfuffle about the whole Falcons/Saints ending fiasco. You know me, I loved it. Chaos reigns and that will go down as one of the more chaotic moments of the year. But it naturally got a lot of discussion from all angles because it wasn’t just the Saints sticking it to their hated rivals but ended up being more complicated. I think after all the dust has settled, pretty much everyone deserves a little bit of blame and a little bit of defense.

First up: Arthur Smith. Good riddance you bum! Take your unwatchable garbage out of my eyeballs. 3 years of nothing but wasting everyone’s time. We gave this man Kyle Pitts, Drake London, and Bijan Robinson, and we’ve spent those 3 years wondering what happened to those guys. 3 straight years of wasting the top skill-position prospects. Bijan was the final straw. Smith made his resume by turning Derrick Henry into a monster in Tennessee and last year, against some odds, the Falcons churned out a respectable run game. So yeah, he wasted the talents of Pitts and London and didn’t have a QB, but surely the run game with Bijan could fucking be something! All Ridder would have to do is become a game manager and this squad could win the listless NFC South. NOPE! Bijan also gets used in bizarre fashion and the Falcons stink. All year the notoriously generous and patient Arthur Blank says Smith is safe. Then, at 12:01am EST on Black Monday, Smith is announced as fired. THANK GOD. Arthur Smith was badass. As in he was bad, and ass.

The lasting image of Arthur Smith as the Falcons head coach will be yelling obscenities at Dennis Allen after the Saints pulled a fake victory formation run play for a last-second touchdown after he was humiliated in his final game. Frankly that’s the legacy the man deserved as head coach. But on the other hand, I can at least understand why he was mad. He probably knew his time was over at that point and it can’t feel good to get owned so hard like that.

The victory formation is a weird thing. One of those unwritten rules of football is to not disrupt the victory formation. Greg Schiano broke code many years ago against the Giants and Coughlin (and most media members) ripped into him for it. This might sound weird but I remember being okay with it. Unwritten rules are dumb. The chances of causing a disruption is low but playing to the bitter end feels right to me, injury risk or not, especially in a one-score game. That’s the real issue with breaking victory formation, most of the opposing team won’t be expecting it and therefore possibly more likely to get hurt. However, this wasn’t done in a one-score game and it wasn’t the defense that was desperate, it was the team that had already won. It was kinda douchey and risky for no reason other than yucks. I can accept why Smith was angry.

Dennis Allen: At first I thought Dennis Allen had finally done something neat for the first time as a coach. He took a hot steaming piss on the hated division rival and sent the opposing coach into the shadow realm. Dickish, yes, but interesting. Not a word anyone has ever used to describe Dennis Allen before. Turns out; fake out. Allen did call for the victory formation. He did not want the Saints to break the V-Code but break the V-Code they did. This makes him less of an asshole but somehow reflects on him even worse because now his own players are just disregarding him.

One thing you notice in week 18, even among the down-and-out teams, is that many players and coaches will make small pushes to help dudes out. Pad their stats, help them hit incentives, just generally go out there and try to get the little wins for their bros. The Giants made an extra effort to get Sterling Shephard to 3 catches so he could reach #5 on the Giants all-time catches list. That’s what teams do for each other. It seems like the Saints players wanted to give Jamaal Williams his one single TD for the year so they went rogue. It makes Allen look bad because he could have, maybe even should have, been aware of this dynamic and called a play to make it official instead of a risky trick nonsense. It makes him look real bad that his players just revolted under him and broke V-code. Dennis Allen probably should be fired but I think he’s safe for one more year.

If you want some Dennis Allen catharsis, here’s Amy Trask being uncharacteristically mean in describing him. Amy Trask is a sweetie who spends all her time on twitter these days pretending to be a lawyer for people’s dogs and says Hi in every tweet. I never expected her to rip into someone like that.

Lastly, Jameis and the players. I respect them for having Jamaal’s back. I respect the level of spite and hate it takes to get into victory formation and then run a play like a troll. I respect them for telling Dennis Allen he’s a loser and just ignoring his call to help the bros out. All of that kicks ass. It was still a dickish move to pull that stunt from the victory formation. At least have the respect for the other team by lining up genuinely so they have a chance to defend.

Honestly It’s kind of amazing that Dennis Allen came out of this looking the worst. The players pulled a dickish stunt to stick it to a division rival and it’s all because none of them respect you. If that doesn’t tell you Allen lost the locker room what does? Fire Dennis Allen. Hopefully by the time you read this he’s outta there.

As for the other coach firings?

-Ron Rivera: I think if you are a person on this earth who knows who Ron Rivera is, you saw this firing coming before the season even started.
-Mike Vrabel: What the hell Titans? Stupid idiots. Vrabel is a good coach and you’ll be sorry when he’s in New England next year. Your GMs have spent the last two years sending all the team’s talent away for peanuts and you blame the results on Vrabes? Dumb. Titans must want to tear it all down and start from scratch.
-Is this the first year that more coaches got fired during the season than afterwards? Reich, McDaniels, Staley. If Allen and Belichick stay employed this is bizarre.
-Waiting for more information on this bizarre Wink/Daboll debacle

No word on Belichick as of this writing. If he truly goes don’t worry, it’ll get a comic. Even if it has to wait until the offseason.