Good for one hand guy. He found a team. If he plays well I wonder if this will make JPP jealous. Someone else stole all his handicap thunder. 3 1/2 fewer fingers, too.

Every year there is a combine warrior who comes outta nowhere to take the audience by storm because he can lift things good and maybe jump and run well. This year we happened to get a more interesting version of that with Griffin. Shaquem inspired everyone, including Rich Eisen who practically took offense to the fact that he dropped in the draft due to perfectly legitimate concerns.

The Seahawks already had Shaquem’s twin brother, Shaquill. Now their defense has two Shaqs with 3 hands. I hope they get to play together for a while, that’s a really solid story and I’m rooting for them both.

I hope Shaquem has some high football IQ though, otherwise when he’s back there he’s liable to get stumped.