I got a new tablet and since it’s the offseason I’ve mostly been dicking around with it since who cares it’s June half my readers aren’t even here. Except you. You are. That means you are cooler and sexier than everyone else, unless you read this sometime down the road, in which case, hey! You are still cool and sexy for going back through the archive.

Anyway I had this image stuck in my mind since Pat Mahomes annoying little tiktok brother Jackson Mahomes graduated from an annoying internet personality to officially a douche when he was charged with 3 counts of Sexual Battery back in early May. Never could figure out a comic to write around it, so I just did this.

Also been doing a dumb thing every week for my social media pages but haven’t posted them here, so here’s a good excuse to photodump

Since Twitter continues to die under the control of faux iron man I joined Bluesky if any of you have managed to get on as well: (@drawplaydave.bsky.social) I’ve been trying to use Instagram more often this year too. I also have a Mastodon account, but I don’t use it, because Mastondon is full of earnest front-of-the-class types. Terrible place to shitpost.