Hahaha, I can’t believe it. As of this writing there are almost 30k signatures on a petition to stop Michael Vick from signing with the Steelers. Are you kidding me? These same fans that openly champion a man twice accused of sexual assault (Big Ben) and a man who got arrested for domestic assault (James Harrison). Fans of a sport that has a whole slew of terrible people or people who do terrible things in it are drawing a HARD MORAL LINE at Mike Vick, a backup QB close to 6 years removed from his debt to society being paid off. Okay then.

These people are just a bunch of slacktivists taking an easy stance for easy moral validation. LOOK AT ME, I DO NOT LIKE MICHAEL VICK, TELL ME HOW GOOD A PERSON I AM. Do these fans actually believe that signing this thing is actually going to kick Vick off the team or change anything? The Steelers didn’t come out and say that if they got a certain number they’d reconsider, they have no reason to care. This isn’t a genuine threat to profits because very few of these people actually care enough to do more than sign a thing. Signing this petition is more or less the equivalent of hitting the like button on a facebook page. The real moral people who genuinely care actually went out and protested: all 5 of them. It’s so easy to say you hate Michael Vick, because Michael Vick did a really bad thing once. These people aren’t actually that morally invested, they just want to feel like they are good people, so they picked an easy target without actually stopping to think about the wider picture.