But they should. Because the Titans are good, goddamnit.

It’s week 3, which means everything about every team needs to be taken with a grain of salt. We’re still in that weird phase of the season where we can’t be sure what wins and losses are just flukes yet. Some teams that currently have winning records might be frauds, and some teams that look bad might actually just be off to a slow start. No, this is not me excusing the Giants, the Giants are trash and will go 6-10.

But I’m going to be bold and call the AFCS for the Titans this year, because I think this team is good and is still not getting the attention they deserve. They were on the upswing last year and made a push for the playoffs before Mariota got hurt. They hung around with the Raiders in week 1, and the Raiders are expected playoff contenders (though they just looked limp against the Skins…remember take everything with salt). They beat the Jaguars, who might have a very legit defense, by a score of 37-16. 31 of those points came in the second half. Then they beat up Seattle, dropping 33 points on a still good Seattle defense.

They have a good run game. Mariota is a good quarterback who seems accurate and smart instead of just a guy who does fancy running to make things happen in an unsustainable fashion (ahem, Deshaun Watson). The defense seems like it’s improved. This is probably a good football team, and if we see them in the playoffs this year, remember this post. If we don’t…forget this post. To be fair they don’t have to be world beaters in the AFCS. The Colts are questionable as hell with the injuries. The Jags are questionable as hell because Jaguars (Credit for the London game though), and the Texans are questionable as hell on offense (Credit for the Patriots game though). The AFCS might be interesting this season instead of a race to see what dumpster is the least on fire.

So if you want to bandwagon someone, pick the Titans. No one will accuse you of being a bandwagoner if you pick the Titans. You’ll get to watch a competent and fun football team. Chargers fans left behind in San Diego? The Titans have very similar color schemes, you could probably pull it off.

However, I am rescinding all support of the Titans if Mariota doesn’t grow his sweet dad-mustache in No-Shave November again. We need Mark Mariota to return.