So this is me essentially piggybacking off of the last comic a little bit. I think it generated some quality comments and reminded me of an old comic I made about 3 years ago. Since we had some folks mention jokes they were sick of hearing on the last comic (Like Zane’s good post about overused Browns jokes and Matt Ryan’s White Bread with Mayo’s talk about the Falcons 28-3 jokes) I wanted to steer this comic in that direction with a joke I’m personally really tired of.

So yeah. Lets re-open this topic. What jokes are you tired of hearing? What jokes are just terrible, overused on bad memes shared by terrible fans? I mean fairly specific, too. The Browns being bad is a meme, but I think there are still unique and clever ways to make that basic joke. I do a lot of that here. I wouldn’t say my strength here on this site is my explicit joke originality, but my presentation I think is. For example: Nelson Agholor dropping balls isn’t exactly a unique joke that I’m making here, but nobody else is making the joke in the context of a dumb rap by Alshon Jeffrey. I think originality in core concept is overrated, and the best strength lies in originality of presentation, and that’s something I’ve always personally strived for.

The worst jokes, the ones we hate, are the ones that are not unique or clever in presentation. There are still ways to make 28-3 funny, but pointing out 28-3 isn’t particularly funny now. Saying the Browns suck isn’t really that funny, but you can still say it better in a way that is. This joke pictured above is another case of something that is so overdone and unclever that whatever appeal it had is gone, yet so many dumbasses still use it like it is the height of wit. It is not.

So if public physical violence was allowed, what jokes would make you slap the person who made it? Let’s hear these jokes, so that we may all learn what is tired and bad from all perspectives, so that we may strive to make sure we do not get lazy and uncreative. Hit it!