If you listened to my podcast this week this post might sound familiar, but I’m baffled by the fact that for as big a dickhole as Aqib Talib is, he seems to get far less hate and scorn by the league and fans then comparatively dirty players.  This incident with Michael Crabtree is the latest in line, and boy, I’m mad about it, because Aqib Talib might be the biggest dickhole in the league and I wish more people talked about it.

A recap: Michael Crabtree wore a chain necklace. Aqib Talib didn’t like it, so after a play, he walked up to Crabtree and ripped it off. Talib was not flagged for what is very clearly unsportsmanlike conduct, and Friday was revealed that he will not even be fined by the league. What a joke. How is ripping off someone’s necklace on the field after a play not a flag of some sort? How is this not a fine? Surely this is against the personal conduct policy right? In some way? How can the NFL justify letting noted jerkwad Talib destroy someone else’s personal property on the field after a play during a broadcast without any sort of punishment? Oh right, the NFL is stupid, I forgot for a second there.

When I cracked wise about it online, I figured out partly why, because lot of people seem to be victim blaming instead. “Maybe Crabtree shouldn’t be wearing a chain necklace if he doesn’t want it broken” Said actual people, apparently too determined to pass the blame for something bad on the person it befell instead of the actual perpetrator of the bad act. It’s like the people who heard Sean Taylor got shot and blamed Sean Taylor for it, instead of the guy who, you know, SHOT SEAN TAYLOR (Fuck you Colin Cowherd). People seem so desperate to elevate themselves by mocking what they perceive as stupid or inferior that the actual problem goes seemingly unnoticed. People are too happy to laugh at Crabtree for being an “idiot” to discuss the much more significant issue of a noted dirty asswipe Talib getting away with being a shithead. Talib being a huge butthead shouldn’t get overlooked just because Crabtree made a questionable choice of attire.

Don’t get me wrong, I think wearing a necklace like Crab’s during football is stupid. Way too easy to get something like that wrecked by a tackle or bad hit, and if it had been accidentally broken, I’d be laughing my ass off at Crabtree. But it wasn’t accidentally broken. It was intentionally ripped off by a man who went out of his way to do so. Don’t blame Crabtree for this, blame the fucking asshole who broke it! This conversation needs to be about how much of a buttmunch Aqib Talib is, not Crabtree.

Which brings me back to my original point of Talib not getting the scorn he deserves. Imagine if Suh, or Burfict, or Pacman, or Beckham, or maybe James Harrison had ripped it off. Flags out the ass, hefty fine, internet rage. Hell imagine if a Raiders player did it to Talib. Probably the same result. Talib is a recorded butthead and might be dirtier than anyone in the league, but he doesn’t seem to have nearly the microscope on him that other players do. He got suspended last year for poking a Colt’s player’s eye out after a play was over. He shot himself in the leg with an unlicensed firearm and didn’t get any sort of punishment from the league for personal conduct violation. His most notable play in the Super Bowl was a horrific facemask that he literally said he did on purpose. He’s been arrested for simple battery. And now he’s destroyed a piece of property on the field because it annoyed him. Talib is a dumb piece of shit, the kind of player that people outside the sport accuse all NFL players of being, and he deserves more national scorn. He doesn’t deserve to be normalized as a dick, he deserves to be shamed for it, because if you don’t call him out on him being a dickweed he’ll just keep being a dickweed.

So spread the word. Let the people know, Aqib Talib is a dumb small penis. Make sure he doesn’t have an unlicensed gun on him first though. Although if he does, just position yourself behind his leg, and you should be okay.