I felt like I was going a bit nuts this past weekend. Not because the Jaguars actually won, they still occasionally do that, but because my entire timeline was wigging out over the mascot wearing a speedo.  This was driving me nuts because…this is not a new development? Jaxson De Ville has long been the best mascot in the league and this was absolutely not his first time in a speedo. He does that quite a lot, actually. I learned from a few Jags fans he jumps in the pool in a speedo after every home win. He was in a speedo just a few weeks ago. Why were people just noticing the banana hammock now?

I have a decent-sized Jags fan following (out of all fanbases, I’d say the Vikings and Jaguars are probably my biggest fan groups, probably more than the Giants. Giants fans aren’t very online and they tend to be a grumpy lot who hates fun when they are. I’m going to have to conduct a survey at some point to find out for sure). So maybe my perspective was just skewed, but it seemed wild to me that so many people, including many news figures who should have already known this, hadn’t yet discovered Speedo De Ville. What about you in the comments? Did you know about the speedo?

Anyway the Jaguars are easily the horniest, sexiest fanbase, and I say that only half-panderingly. Keep getting weird, Jacksonville.