I don’t think anything has surprised me as hard this year as the Russell Wilson downfall.

Sure, in retrospect, the signs were there. The way the Seahawks collapsed in the second half of the “Let Russ Cook” season. The way the offense looked awful last year, even before Russ jammed his finger. The subtle ways his former teammates would talk about him. It was all there, but we spent so many years with Russ doing cool Russ shit that it was easy to overlook or blame other things. After the trade, most people seemed to put the Seahawks as a #1st overall pick contender. They slammed Seattle for not firing Pete Carroll and getting rid of the hero. In the span of a month everything came crashing down.

Russ is terrible. His terrible subway sandwich commercial was such an embarrassment that it got pulled from the menu. His tryhard LETS RIDE has moved past cringy cornball to mocking meme. There is a guy on tiktok literally doing a weekly report on if Russ will throw more TDs this season than he has toilets in his house (currently, he has not). The Broncos have one of the best defenses in the entire league and the offense can’t score 18 points, which would have won them about 9 games. His former teammates have thrown shade all over social media. The team is so bad that Chiefs/Broncos just got flexed out of primetime. They flexed PATRICK MAHOMES out of primetime because his opponent is so unwatchable. Russ is playing so badly that his entire career, or at least the last few years, has started to be retroactively examined. Was he always this bad at situational football? Was he always this bad at making decisions? Was he pretty much exclusively just a guy who got by on scrambling outside the pocket into backyard football throws? Is he just dumb and now that he doesn’t have that special arm anymore, he’s cooked? Nathaniel Hackett (who still sucks) got most of the blame early this season. As it goes on, Russ is starting to show that he deserves as much, maybe even more, of that blame.

Carson Wentz, who hasn’t played since week 6 and is now benched, has more touchdowns (10) than Russ does (8). Seattle is in the playoff hunt, almost entirely based on their offensive play with Geno Smith at the helm. The Hawks also have the #2 overall pick now thanks to the trade. I can see how a new situation with a bad head coach and a ton of pressure could lead to struggle and decline. But this is week 12, and nothing has improved. I expect a bit of a house cleaning at the end of this season since Hackett was a hire from the previous regime, and his hiring was based entirely around coaxing Aaron Rodgers to Denver. They are stuck with Russ for now. Never count the guy out, but this could get even uglier before it gets better.