The Seahawks are probably contenders this season, even with their horrible defense, simply because they are operating so well on offense. But they have more than one major weakness. They occasionally have to go east. For 1pm EST games.

Unlike Seattle’s defense, this feels like it has been a problem for a while. Not a major one, mind you, but enough of one that it feels like there have been a lot of Hawks games over the years where they’ve started very slow on a 1pm EST game and had to dig themselves out of a severe first half hole. The Hawks have been good enough for the past decade to do this, but it it still happens. This most recent week with Buffalo is a good example.

Seattle got off to their usual east coast slow start, finding themselves in a 17-0 hole shortly into the 2nd quarter after sloppy offensive play and horrible defensive play. They found some points late but still entered halftime down 14 points. They came out of halftime and fumbled, let the Bills go back up by 17 points, and from then on it was a pretty even game. Since the Bills are good this year and Seattle has no defense, the hole simply proved insurmountable. If Seattle doesn’t sleep for the entire first quarter they probably has a good chance of winning the game. They narrowed the gap to one touchdown but they just never got close enough.

This isn’t meant to throw shade at the Bills, who are good. This isn’t like Seattle would have stomped Buffalo otherwise. But it probably would have felt more evenly matched. I also can’t say that “Seattle Vs East Coast” is a true measurable phenomenon but it feels like it happens to them at least once per season. To be fair to Seattle, they are also a weird team that have never played a normal game.