I keep thinking about how lucky the Texans are that they won that first game with Tyrod. They are legitimately one of the worst teams I’ve watched. Absolutely nothing about this team is fun. It’s so bleak in Houston right now. Locals have to be happy the Astros are in the series again. Yet even there the Astros are pretty much seen as tainted after the trash can scandal so even if they win, it’ll be with spite heavy in their hearts.

Every team goes through down periods. Some last a few years, some a few decades. Each year, no matter how depressing, usually brings with it some levels of hope to keep fans in. Even if that hope is just the promise that the current staff will soon be out on their asses. I feel as we have grown more knowledgeable as a society regarding sports ownership and the dipshits with power, some situations have grown bleaker. The Washington Football team is a prime example. The Texans are another and man I would not blame a single Texans fan for just…refusing to engage until at least some of this has passed. In fact I would encourage it and support it, as fans leaving in droves might be the one thing that gets the gears grinding back to a watchable team again.

It wasn’t too long ago that the team felt like they had something. They had a great OT. They had an all-pro WR and a future hall of fame defensive lineman. After some turmoil, they even managed to snag the coveted franchise QB. Bill O’Brien had messed some things up but he wasn’t the worst coach around and the team was reaching the playoffs. A few good moves and things might turn out okay. Things did not, and now the team is in one of the bleakest places I’ve seen any franchise hit in a single year season.

-The owner is a failson idiot with no idea what he’s doing. He’s also a racist.
-In his ear, operating as an evil wormtongue, is a former preacher who clearly just desires power but doesn’t understand football
-The GM is the preacher’s handpicked choice from NE and every move he’s made so far has been mediocre at best
-The franchise QB is angry, holding out from the team, and is probably a serial sexual assaulter, making him basically impossible to morally root for, even as the best option they have.
-The coach is just some career positions coach who had no potential as an HC and openly admitted he took the job because he never thought he’d get a better chance. Nobody else wanted to work for this team. They were a less desirable job than the Lions, the Jets, the Jags, basically everybody else.
-The current QB is some rookie they drafted in the third round, who has looked terrible
-The rest of the team is young nobodies, garbage, or journeymen leftovers on their second or third short contracts who are just trying to stay in the league. David Johnson. Mark Ingram. Danny Amendola. Tyrod Taylor. Philip Lindsay. Brandin Cooks feels like the only star. Laremy Tunsil is fine, but he’s here thanks to O’Brien ineptitude, and he’s dealt with injuries.
-The coaching decisions in-game are outdated and often baffling.
-The former stars of the team, JJ Watt and Nuk, are currently lighting it up on the Cardinals, possibly the best team in the NFL right now.
-The rapist QB may, very soon, be exchanged for a guy the Dolphins clearly view as a bust and he will be going to an even worse situation.

Culley is obviously a stopgap during this mess and he even knows it and is just riding it out. How bad this has to get before things meaningfully change is hard to say. It can’t get much worse than it is now but there’s no clear timeline for the escape. Easterby is embedded like a tick and Cal is a moron. My heart goes out to Houston Texans fans, who should take these times to find something else in their lives to give them meaning. Apathy is the only true voice a fan has to fight back. Embrace your newfound freedom on Sundays and rediscover your life. Come back when the team does something to earn you.