So okay, first a bit of news before we get into Arian Foster and the Wolf thing. I’d wager a fair number of folks expected a comic about the Brock/Browns trade or something else that happened more recently. I picked up a day job that started this week for life reasons. I don’t plan on having it affect the site much in terms of updates, at least for now. But it will change my work schedule a lot and require me to start on things way sooner than the day before, so prompt news responses are pretty much going out the window. For example, I finished this Thursday, before Brock even happened. Hopefully this leads to more unique comics since I won’t be pressured to respond to news as much. We’ll see.¬†Also, commissions are basically a no for now, at least until I get a better handle on how everything is gonna work.

Onto Arian Foster vs a Wolf. Foster had one of those silly conversations you have with a friend about pointless crap, but he did it with himself and twitter followers, basically trying to figure out if he could take a wolf or not. Then, because offseason, news outlets picked it up. It must be weird to be famous enough that you can watch your shower thoughts become a widespread news story.

I don’t think Foster could take a wolf. Wolves are big and fast. People think of them like dogs, but they are bigger and more vicious. Foster could take a big dog, but a wolf? I don’t know. Not without a weapon. A barehanded human is basically a human without the advantages a human has. We aren’t that strong or fast in relation to animals, we evolved a bigger brain so that we could essentially break the system and make weapons. Without that ability, we’re kind of bleh, even football players. I think a wolf would be a little too strong and quick although Foster could probably do some damage before the wolf manages to get the neck.

Edit: This is purely from the perspective of Foster vs a Wolf in optimal 1v1 combat, the real world this would never happen since wolves hunt in packs and humans would have weapons. But a hypothetical situation with Foster, unarmed, vs a wolf, full strength, I think the wolf comes out on top about 65-70% of those fights. Foster’s only chance would be to grapple with the wolf, maybe snap a leg, and I think that would be tough to pull off without the Wolf getting in too much¬†damage. If he can get the wolf in a lock and get his weight on the wolf, he probably comes out on top. It’s getting to that point that seems tough.