Woo! Comic 200! Stay tuned tomorrow, I’m going to do a special blog post deal to celebrate. It’ll mostly be words detailing my experiences with the comic thus far. I’ve been doing this for two years, it’ll be nice to talk about it.

American Soccer fans (at least many Portland ones I interact with) are the Hipsters of sports fandom. Proud of liking a sport most of America couldn’t care less about. Soccer isn’t special and liking it doesn’t make anyone special. Stop being smug. Besides, the british invented the word Soccer anyway. It’s called Major League Soccer, not major league football. This is america, goddamnit, land of the free, horrible health care, gun violence, and bald eagles.

Any fans reading this from other countries can disregard my patriotism

Also, I have nothing against Soccer the sport, even if I find it dull and boring. I just can’t stand the smug american soccer fans who act like they are somehow special for liking soccer in america where it isn’t that big a deal.