Farewell to Julio Jones. He goes (or is going, as of writing the deal is not done but in process) to the Tennessee Titans. Here’s the full deal as of now:

So a 2nd and a 4th for Julio and a 6th. For the Falcons’ sake, they better hope Julio isn’t as good anymore for real because that feels like robbery to me. The Titans get a superstar WR while their SB window is open. AJ Brown gets someone to take the pressure off him. Tannehill gets a supreme comfort blanket. The only thing that would make this bad is if last year wasn’t an injury anolamy and Julio just isn’t great anymore. Even if he isn’t great this is a good deal. The Titans get his big contract and the Falcons get out of some of their cap hell.

Well, Trae Young and the Hawks are kicking ass so I guess the universe had to balance itself to properly inflict pain on Atlanta fans.

The Falcons probably shouldn’t have taken a tight end 4th overall.