Every year about this time I struggle with a difficult existential question. What is worse: tons of samey, almost meaningless content, or no content at all? Would you prefer a week of utterly pointless mock draft crap to argue over or a week in June when the biggest story is a player getting a haircut? I think everyone’s gut instinct is the same: “Obviously content is better than no content”. But is it? Is it really?

I think these day’s I’d rather just ignore all of this stuff anyway, because all this time people spend getting into arguments over who the best QB prospect is could probably be better spent doing more important things. We won’t know for sure if Sam Darnold is the shit until he plays meaningful NFL snaps, so why argue about it right now?

I fully admit this may be personal preferences since I am not a draft guy here but the older I get the less I can stand all this “filler” content. About 10 billion mock drafts get released per hour, constantly updated, and none of them actually mean anything. None of them actually matter. None of them are ever accurate to a degree that means they are worth paying attention to. Who Matt Miller of B/R thinks the best choice to go #1 is ultimately doesn’t have that much more value than what I think. Now Miller studies the prospects, puts tons of time and effort into watching film and seeing how teams are judging them, so he’ll have a better idea of things. But as every year in existence has proven, nobody really knows jack shit. If Mel Kiper likes Josh Allen and I like Josh Rosen, I honestly have about as much chance at being right in the long run as he does. Nobody actually knows shit. The scouts don’t know shit. The GMs don’t know shit. The reporters don’t know shit. The players at the top are a general consensus anyway with just some variation. The players underneath round 3 are all crapshoots on about the same playing field.

I kinda went into this draft more interested than usual because the Giants have the 2nd pick. But after like a week of trying to care my eyes glazed over. Again, this is probably specific to me, but I don’t watch college so none of these players really mean anything. They’re all just a bunch of young people who are about to make a lot more money than me. I don’t know who I want because nobody actually knows who will be successful yet. I’ve always labored under the belief that situation matters about as much as talent does. You draft Tom Brady onto the Browns he probably doesn’t turn into Tom Brady. Rodgers as a 49er may have made a far inferior Rodgers. NFL success has a lot to do with where and when you go. All I can hope for is that whoever the Giants do draft, that they use them appropriately and develop them successfully. They may turn out to not be good. They may turn into a dream. Nobody knows yet, so why should I spend time arguing over Todd McShay’s latest brown note? I’ll root for whoever we pick anyway.

I do almost prefer June content wasteland, because then I don’t feel any pressure to give a shit.

So stick with it fellas. Just a week left. The draft itself in two days, then 5 days of grading the draft, then 1 day of final gasp 2019 mock drafts, then we get to shut these creepy weirdos who have orgasms over QB hand size back in their dirty broom closets until we drag them out next February.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to my annual draft pictures, there will not be a comic on Thursday, as you can follow me on Social Media that night during round 1 to see the 6TH (!) edition of SILLY DRAFT CARTOONS! Watch my sanity slowly erode over 3 hours of trying to keep up, as is tradition. There will also not be a comic on Saturday, as draft night usually burns me the fuck out and I’m going to be out of town this weekend as it is. I will likely just be uploading all the photos to the site instead.